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We believe in delivering the best product available, and work with clients to produce training packages that meet outlined goals and objectives. As a business practice, we believe that success in training is achieved with strong planning and communication with clients. To meet this goal, we prefer to meet with clients before training commences to have a clear understanding of objectives for training. Working with clients to create the best training possible is a key to success.

Traditionally our programs include a preliminary assessment of site and training requirements, incorporation of key information that you feel is necessary for a successful program and review of equipment to be used for training (with recommendations for additional equipment if you wish). Once we have scheduled a course, we like to come in a day or so before hand and review scenarios and set-up for our training course. We will work with you to get permission for entry into confined spaces (if needed for training), and any other paperwork and arraignments. These hours are not deducted from the training hours and are part of the training package.

SATRA is accredited by the National Professional Qualifications Board (ProBoard) in select technical rescue disciplines. Certification tests are available within the State of Michigan and can be established to be conducted at the end of a related training course. Successful test candidates are placed on ProBoard's national registry and receive ProBoard certification in the related discipline.

Benefits of Pro Board Certification
Professionalsim has long been a goal sought by members of the fire service. It has only been within the past 25 years that a system has evolved to produce national professional qualifications standards that an agency can use to establish performance measures for training programs. Agencies that achieve ProBoard accreditation are recognized as having met the rigors of review by an independent organization. This independent review is the best way to assure candidates and governance bodies that the training agency's program meets the national standards.
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